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How to start a loyalty rewards program for your customers
02 May 2016

Loyalty points, rewards program or loyalty discount is the best way to encourage customers to refer more clients to your business and thereby earn their loyalty.

On-demand Marketing and Customer Loyalty
30 Jan 2016

Digital media drove a shift in marketers’ budgets to “always-on” digital media, such as search, display, and social. That focus is moving now to “always relevant” marketing.

Anti-spam Legislation India
05 Jan 2016

The impact of spam is clearly widespread. Presently, India lacks a specific anti-spam legislation. In consideration of the swelling growth of spam across the globe and the increasing number of Indian users, it is of utmost urgency that a specific legislation is formulated to tackle the issue

How Pegke interacts with your POS
03 Jan 2016

At Pegke, we have multiple ways of integrating your POS with Pegke cloud platform. Which includes and not limited to API, Coupon Scan and Tablet. Lets take a look at each of them in detail.

Top 5 Customer Loyalty Trends of 2016
02 Jan 2016

In all actuality client experience does make a difference. Brands that can give fun, satisfying encounters through great deals stages and additional items like dedication projects have the capacity to catch more rehash clients, who pivot and get new clients they could call their own through image evangelism.

Loyalty over the Holidays
21 Dec 2015

Amid the extreme center of attention on scoring revenue in a sea of competitors, it can be easy to omit what must be the precedence — successful a patron who sticks round long after the ultimate slice of ham is eaten and the lights come down. If the value of loyalty escapes you, understand this: consistent with Harvard business review, growing patron retention rates by just 5% raises gains with the aid of 25% to 95%.

Customer Retention Strategies
21 Dec 2015

The results of customer retention additionally compound after some time, and in at times unforeseen ways. Indeed, even a modest change in customer retention can course through a business framework and increase after some time. The subsequent impact on long haul benefit and development shouldn’t be thought little of.

Customer Loyalty Program Software for Restaurants
10 Dec 2015

Pegke is a customer loyalty programs for restaurants - as well, which utilizes the Smartphone and Tablet to manage the program; Pegke is the one solution that allows restaurants to create loyalty campaigns enabling them to attract more customers.

A Checklist to Get Your Customer Loyalty Program off the Ground
12 Nov 2015

Customer Loyalty ought to be a go-to methodology for any small business, yet the fact of the matter is, paying little heed to if the system is computerized or an old-school punch card, little entrepreneurs don’t feel like they have room schedule-wise to tackle more obligation.

6 Customer Loyalty trends around the World
10 Nov 2015

Reward programs are intended to exactly deliver this – be able to track and reward customer behavior. Statistics also indicate that consumer participation in rewards programs is on the rise across all demographic segments. With more customers choosing to do coupon and bargain shopping in the store, the reward programs that provide personalized rewards will prove to be differentiators if implemented with a laser sharp focus on targeted customer segments.

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Get all the latest wisdom about managing effective relationships with your customers