Customer Loyalty Program

Why a Customer Loyalty Program ?

Customers finding it difficult to stay loyal to your business? Tired of following a single brand that does not reward you for your loyalty? Enter the Pegke Customer Loyalty & Rewards Software that not only rewards the customers for their brand loyalty but also makes the customers stay loyal to their favorite franchises. Pegke is not just another app in the store, it is an easy-to-use software designed and shaped elegantly by Technopark engineers that is advantageous to both the business and customers. The software is sculpted in such a way that the user will find it easy to navigate and handle the loyalty program. After setting up their account, the business owners are able to set loyalty points for specific sales and are also able to reward customers based on their accumulated points and redeemable items. Additionally, the customers are also happy as they get rewarded for staying loyal to the business and Pegke makes the ‘staying loyal’ part easier for them as all these can be done in the comfort of their smartphones and tablets.

By using the app, the business owners are able to analyze the sales and customers and therefore are able to modify their rewards program accordingly. The loyal customers are able to find and stay loyal to all their favorite businesses and franchises in a single place with the help of Pegke. Too good to be true? Start believing by downloading the Pegke app and by acquiring rewards in exchange for just your loyalty.

Create identity through Customer Loyalty Program

  1. Offering returning clients a rebate on administrations Everybody adores a decent arrangement. Subsequently, when a client comes back to you, it is a smart thought to remunerate them for returning. This doesn’t need to be an immense rebate; it can simply be a rate off of their bill.
  2. Giving prizes for references Giving your present clients rewards for alluding different clients to you is yet another approach to demonstrate your present clients you admire their business.
  3. Offering overhauls On your Facebook or Twitter page, you can post overhauls about your business and even your own life - on the off chance that you are agreeable with that. This will make your clients feel like they know you. They will have within scoop, an off camera take a gander at what you are managing on any given day.
  4. Truly thinking about your clients Your clients will see through any fake representations on your part. In this manner, when you expect to manufacture associations with your clients, make sure that you really do think about their prosperity. By treating your clients well, you will be stunned at how willing they get to be to backing your business.